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August 17, 2011


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I stole it from omenSP. Thanks, dude. ;u;

~*About You*~

Name: Lydia
Birth date: September 22nd, 1993
Age: 17, almost 18.
Country of origin: United States of America
Town born in: secretsssss.
Race/ancestry: Irish, German, Scottish,  Swedish, Native American, you know.
Religion: Catholic. Not the strict kind.
Height: 5' 4 1/2" EXACTLY.
Eye color: hazel... brown on normal days. Green when delighted.
Hair color and style: Nasty dirty blonde. I gotta dye it ;n; Scene hair quality, though I am not scene by any means.
Skin tone: Caucasian.
Eye-sight: I have terrible eyesight.
Names/screen-names you go by: Lydia, Nonsense, Nonsensical_Me.

Explain your username:
I love the movie Pride and PRejudice, and they say Nonsensical in that movie, and I liked the sound of it .u.

Explain your icon:
In a chain wiff my friends.

How would you describe your personality?
Quiet, introverted, kind.

How would other people describe you?
No clue. Prolly lame.

Are you afraid of anything/have any phobias?
Bridges, flour, styrofoam. Things like that.

What's your favourite physical feature about yourself?
Smile / eyes.

What's your most hated physical feature about yourself?
I dunno. Some things.

Do you have any physical disabilities/ailments?
yeah ;n;

Do you have any SPECIAL/FREAKY Abilities 8D?
errrr... I don't think so.

Do you have any allergies?

Are you the first, middle, last, or only child? And who are your siblings?
I am the first child of 5.

How many cousins do you have? Big family?
I have like... 6 cousins.

Do you WANT to have children? If so how many?
Yeah. Prolly 3.

What was your dream job when you were a kid?
A vet, until I realized I hated blood.

What is your dream job now?
An artist.

What are your current responsibilities?
School and my family.


What item of food would you eat the most of?

What is your favorite food ever?

Do you like meat?
yus, yus I do c:.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Whatever I want.

What is your favorite dinner meal?
errr... I like a lot of things. BIg meals, I guess... like turkey dinner.

What cuisines do you like best?
II hate pasta's... so... I dunno xD I don't prefer anything to another.

What foods do you HATE?

What food(s) are you craving?
I'm not hungry.

What would be your last meal?

Do you like any 'freaky' food combinations?


What is your general fashion style? (eg: punk, glam, sporty, girly etc)
I wear what I wanna. xP I wear anything from nice "prep" clothes to grungy skater or whatever you wanna call it. I would, however, like to define my style more.

What item of clothing do you wear the most?
Shirt / pants / shorts.

Pants or shorts?
Shorts all the way... to bad it snows here :/

How much of your skin do you like to show/cover up?
However much I feel like. It depends on the temp outside.

What items of jewelery do you wear most?
I don't really like accessories.

What item can you NOT leave your house without?

Hair up or Hair down?
Down on average days, up on hot days.

~* Life Style*~

What time do you usually wake up?
6:45 for school. 11:30 in summer.

What time do you usually go to sleep?
Lately, 4:00 AM.

How often do you bathe/shower?
Once a day.

Do you exercise regularly?
No, I prolly should.

How often do you go out drinking?
I don't.

What do you do most in your spare time?
Internet, drawing.

Name your hobbies:
drawing, making jewelry, watching tv.

How many pets have you had in your life? (not including farm animals/live-stock)
A LOT... *counts*.... at least 18. if not more.

How many houses have you lived in in your life?
Moved a lot when I was little. At least 5 times.

What sort of 'vehicle' do you own?
Nothing special.

What's your current job?
I wish I had a job .n.

~*Your Favorite...?*~

Color(s): Purple.
Animal: Canines and felines.
Season: Fall.
Scenery:Lakes .
Plant/flower:I'm not really a flowery person.
Sweet/treat: Chocolate ;u;
Game: Not a big gamer anymore..
Sport: badmitton, although I don't really like to play sports.
Shop: Rue 21.
Brand: Not one for big brands
Cultures: Japanese .u.
Town/City: I dunno yet.
Style of music: Indie, alternative..

~*Ideals in the Opposite Sex*~

Height: Taller than me.
Weight: Irrelivant.
Body shape: I'll know it when I see it.
Hair colour/style: I like darker hair.
Eye colour: Green or brown ;u;
Style: Doesn't matter..
Personality traits: Funny, smart, kind.

~*Last Time's*~

Time you laughed: Sometime today..
Cried: 2 days ago.
Screamed: I don't scream.
Shared: 2 days ago.
Person you talked to:Dad.
Person to call you: People don't like to talk to me.
Person you yelled at: my bro.
Person you told them you loved: mom..
Time you acted childish: with my mom, we are BFF's.
Food you've eaten: potatoes and gravyy.
Book you've read: havent read all summer.
Shop you entered: Havent been shopping in foreve.
Thing you regret doing: nothing.
Thing you watched on TV: Naruto.
Comment you squee-d over:  huh??
Person you mentally hugged: I dunno.
Thing you wrote? School registration.
Thing you drew: Dogs, humans sorta.
Thing you read: This meme.

~*Can You-*~

Do a handstand: nope.
Raise one eyebrow and not the other: No.
Dance: HAAAA, NO.
Sing: I wish.
Whistle: No way.
Cook: Actually, yeah xD
Speak a different language: A little Japanese. I took it in school.
Do any magic Tricks: Nope.
Put together DIY boxed furniture:I WISHHH.
Use Power tools: Nope.
Write a Resume: Never done it.
Rollerblade: used to be able to.
Skateboard: to hard for me.
Surf:I don't live by an ocean ;n;.
Navigate: I can't navigate for the life of me..
Survive in the wild: I would prolly starve..
Survive without your cell phone: I do, everyday.
Survive without your internet: I could if I had to, but I def wouldn't want to.


What are you wearing right now?
Blue shorts, purple guinea pig shirt.

How do you feel right now?

Did you brush your teeth today?

One RANDOM fact about you:
Errrrr...  Well.... My middle name is Anastasia.
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AlligatorSkye Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011   General Artist
I'd call you Q n Q
Nonsensical-Me Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
LOL. like... on the phone? /xshot
AlligatorSkye Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2011   General Artist
lol why not xD
Nonsensical-Me Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2011  Student Digital Artist
LOL. That would be interesting xD
AlligatorSkye Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011   General Artist
LOL yeah prolly xD
Nonsensical-Me Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
If I had a cell, I would let you call me xD But long distance on a landline is no good xD
AlligatorSkye Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011   General Artist
...damn xD
Nonsensical-Me Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I know, right? xDD
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DarkerYet Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Coool I wanna do it |D
Nonsensical-Me Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Please do! I would read it c:
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